Shelf Stable Products

Your customers will love the zesty taste of Cool Crisp pickles and pepper products.  From garnishment to creative ingredient; our products meet your needs.  Available in a wide variety of pack sizes to fit every food service operation.

Product DescriptionMfg #5 gal lotMfg #2 gal ctMfg #4/1 galMfg #2/1 gal
Chopped Red Pepper Relish (hot)V757132/1 ozV970100/1 oz
Premium Mild Pepper Rings 5/16" ccE480320/1 ozE380128/1 ozE78058/1 oz
Premium Hot Pepper Rings 3/16" ccQ470320/1 ozQ370128/1 ozQ77058/1 oz
Mild Banana Pepper Rings 3/16" ccE560320/1 oz
Mild Banana Pepper WholeE760
Bell Pepper Hulls (Red)SB796
Jalapeno RingsZ430336/1 ozZ333128/1 ozZ73362/1 ozZ92062/1 oz
Jalapeno Peppers WholeZ431336/1 ozZ73162/1 oz
Jalapeno Peppers ChoppedZ73262/1 oz
Cherry Peppers MildCE75060/1 oz
Cherry Pepper HotCQ75160/1 oz
Cherry Peppers Hot SlicedCQ75260/1 ozCQ95260/1 oz
Hamburger Slices 1/8" KK PremiumPP991103000-3400PP99760600 +/- 40
Hamburger Slices 1/8" SC PremiumPP991113000-3400PP99700675-775
Hamburger SlicesPP991202100-2400
Hamburger Slices 3/16" KK PremiumPP991402500-2800PP99740550-650
Sweet Green Fancy RelishPP99410PP99710
Whole Dill (3A) U PicklePP99150#80-120PP99751
All Pickle RelishPP99750
Chicago Green RelishPP99415PP99715
Sweet GherkinsPP99720
Mild Pickled Giardiniera KKHM705#360-420
Sweet Midget PicklePP99721#235-295
Sweet MixPP99411PP99911
Dill RelishPP99430PP99550PP99730
Premium Dill CubesPP99165
Dill CubesPP99161

Storage for Shelf Stable Products

Dry Storage (Ideal temperature 50-70 degrees) Keep in their brine for freshness.  Refrigerate after opening.  Shelf Life: 455 Days

All products manufactured by Gielow Pickles, Inc., except R712 (Red Hamburger Relish), PQ754 (Pepperoncini), and K991 (Wine Sauerkraut) are Kosher Certified