Refrigerated Products

Cool Crisp pickles are produced using a controlled refrigeration process that preserves their fresh-tasting crispness and rich cucumber color.  The wide variety of cuts and sizes includes: chips, hamburger slices, spears, whole, Shredies™, gourmet fresh sweet relish, individually wrapped spears and whole.

Pickles, Relish, and Sauerkraut are refrigerated products.  Do Not Freeze.  Shelf Life: 270 Days.   Keep in their brine for freshness.

Product DescriptionMfg #5 gal ctMfg #2 gal ctMfg #4/1 gal ctMfg #2/1 gal
Hamburger Slices 1/8" SMH1103000-3200H3011200 +/-80H701600 +/-40H901600 +/-40
Hamburger Slice CC 5/32H112
Burger Blankets® 1/8" SMB1302200 +/-200B303730-880
Kosher Deli Chips 1/4" CCC2101450-1550C306560-600C707260-310C908260-310
Refrigerated KK Deli Chip 3/16" C2142300 +/-100C316890-950
Kosher Deli Chips 3/16" KKCC2111500-1700CC311600-680
Kosher Deli Chips 5/16" KKCT212900-1100CT715180-220
Kosher Deli Chips 1/4" SMM2151450-1550M315
Sandwich Strips 3/16" SMX170775-885X309310-330X870140-160
Sandwich Strips 3/16" CCG190625-700G310250-280
Whole DillsT140120-160T30448-64
Kosher Baby Whole DillTT142200 +/-20TT30280 +/-8
Kosher Whole DillsU14190-110U34032-40U74018-20U94018-20
Kosher Whole Deli HalvesU143180-220
Zesty GarlicO28055-65
Kosher Whole Deli DillsO20055-65O30522-26
Hearty GarlicOG20355-65
Kosher Deli SpearsP180220-260
Kosher Deli SpearsL120300 +/-25L320110-130
Hearty Garlic SpearsLG223300 +/-25
Kosher Deli SpearsS220375-425S307150-170S92085 +/-5
Kosher Deli SpearsSF221320-360
Shredies®D160416/1 ozD360166/1oz
Sweet RelishR4101050/lTR460442/lTR810221/lT
Sweet Relish - No PeppersR710221/lTR906221/lT
Bread & Butter Chips 1/4" CCA422A402550-600A703260-310A920260-310
SauerkrautK790192 (1/3 cup)K39081 (1/3 c)K795
SauerkrautK750169 (1/3 cup)
Wine SauerkrautK991
Colossal Deli DillF24045-55
Whole Deli DillW26065-75
Kosher Half PickleWH263130-150
Kosher Garlic SpearsI270500-550
Sweet Pepper StripsSB492SB79265/1 ozSB99265/1 oz
Full Sour Whole PicklesFS001120-160
Half Sour Whole PicklesHS002180-220
Half Sour Whole PicklesHS00555-65
Half Sour Whole PicklesHS003
Prepared HorseradishHR761
Dill CubeDC165
Sweet HottiesAM217AM417
Hot Chip ¼”KKCH366
Hot SpearSH377

Shelf Life: 270 Days on all products except the Sweet Pepper Strips which have a 365 Day shelf life.

Specialty Products

Horseradish Sweet ChipsAH7044-1 gallon
Prepared HorseradishHR7614-1 gallon
Cocktail SauceCS7634-1 gallon
Horseradish SauceHS7124-1 gallon
Tartar SauceTS7654-1 gallon
Deli Dills Barrel JarJ5001-2 1/2 gal jar 27-32 ctJ5102-2 1/2 gal jars
Individually Wrapped Deli Dill* (120 day shelf life)BO60048 ct/ caseBO60318 ct/ case
Individually Wrapped Whole Dill* (120 day shelf life)BT63080 ct/ case
Individually Wrapped Whole Dill* (120 day shelf life)BT63340 ct/ case
Individually Wrapped Spear* (60 day shelf life)BP680100 ct/ caseBP6856/30 ct/ case

*Product is packaged in an easy to open individual plastic bag with no pickle juice.

All products manufactured by Gielow Pickles, Inc., except R712 (Red Hamburger Relish), PQ754 (Pepperoncini), and K991 (Wine Sauerkraut) are Kosher Certified